Race Information

58th Ehime Marathon

February 9, 2020 (Sun)
Start: 10:00  End of event: 16:00  No postponement for rain
Full Marathon (42.195km)
Time Limit
6 Hours (The start of the six-hour period will be indicated by a signal gun. Checkpoints will be used along the route.)

Checkpoint location Distance Checkpoint time
Kitakanjo Iriguchi
5.9km 11:05
Taiyo Oil SOLATO
12.2km 11:56
Kitachumae Intersection
In front of docomo Shop
17.8km 12:42
JA Namba Cargo Center 19.5km 12:53
Shinmiyanoshita Bridge 21.5km 13:11
Kitachumae Intersection
In front of Lawson
26.6km 13:53
Kawatani Hospital 30.2km 14:22
Horieshomae Intersection 34.8km 15:00
Okawabashi Intersection 38.3km 15:29
Honmachi 7-chome 40.5km 15:47
  1. *Due to considerations pertaining to traffic, security, and event operations, the following runners be asked to retire and board a bus when deemed necessary by a referee.
  2. 1. Runners who were unable to pass a checkpoint.
  3. 2. Runners who, although able to pass the checkpoints, are conspicuously behind at the 2.5 km, 3.9 km, 25.5 km and other points on the route.
Opening ceremony
Date and time: From 16:00 on Saturday, February 8, 2020
Place: Large Hall of Matsuyama Civic Center (Horinouchi, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)
*Parking will not be provided for the ceremony. Please use public transportation.
Day prior to the event: 13:00 to 19:00 on Saturday, February 8, 2020
Day of the event: 7:30 to 9:00 on Sunday, February 9, 2020
Place: 1st floor of Nankai Hoso Honmachi Kaikan (1-1-1 Honmachi, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)

Runners will receive their number card at the reception desk. As the reception area is expected to be crowded on the morning of the event, completing the reception procedure then may cause you to miss the start time. It is therefore recommended that you complete reception on the previous day. Be sure to complete reception within the times provided above or you will be considered to have withdrawn from participation.
If you will not run in the event, be sure to return the RT tag (recording device) that is attached to the reverse side of your number card. You will be required to the actual cost of the tag (2,000 yen) after the event if you do not return it.

Note: No special drinks will be provided.

Baggage Storage
Belongings will be accepted for storage only if they are placed in the “baggage storage bag” (55 cm × 74 cm) that will be provided to you at reception. Please take responsibility for your valuables, as the organizer will bear no responsibility for their theft or loss.
  1. General category: 1st to 8th place for men and 1st to 8th place for women
  2. Age categories: 1st to 3rd place in each age category of 29 and under, 30 to 39, 40 to 49, 50 to 59, and 60 and over for both men and women

*If a person who is eligible for an age category award is also a winner in the general category, he or she will be excluded from the age category award and replaced by the runner with the next best time. Runners who complete the marathon will receive a certificate (registered runners will receive an official certificate) and a completion prize (an “Imabari Towel” produced specially for the Ehime Marathon).

10,000 participants
Entry fee
15,000 yen(a handling fee and other fees will be charged separately)
Participant’s Prize
Original marathon gloves (small, medium, large, and extra large)
Completion Prize
  • Commemorative bath towel (Imabari Towel)
  • Certificate of completion


The 57th Ehime Marathon will be held on the “Ehime Marathon Matsuyama Long-Distance Racecourse” (42.195 km, approved by JAAF and AIMS), which starts in front of the Ehime Prefectural Government Office and finishes at Shiroyama Park in Horinouchi.

Course Map

Elevation Chart

Elevation Chart
Ehime MarathonCourse


Getting to the Reception Area

(The following are examples.)
*Fares are as of July 1.

  1. From Matsuyama Airport
    Take a limousine bus from Matsuyama Airport (for Matsuyama City Station or for Dogo Onsen Station).
    Get off at Ehime Newspaper Office and walk 1 minute.
    Riding time: Approx. 18 minutes Fare: 560 yen (one-way, adult)
  2. From JR Matsuyama Station
    Walk approximately 13 minutes from JR Matsuyama Station.
  3. From Matsuyama Tourist Port
    Take a limousine bus from Matsuyama Tourist Port (for Matsuyama City Station or for Dogo Onsen Station).
    Get off at Ehime Newspaper Office and walk 1 minute.
    Riding time: Approx. 22 minutes Fare: 660 yen (one-way, adult)
  4. From Mitsuhama Port
    Walk 20 minutes from Mitsuhama Port to Mitsu Station on the Iyo Railway.
    Board a train at Mitsu Station (for Matsuyama City Station).
    Get off at Otemachi Station and walk 5 minutes.
    Riding time: Approx. 12 minutes Fare: 260 yen
    Board an Iyotetsu Bus (for Matsuyama City Station) at Mitsuhama Port.
    Get off at Matsuyama City Station and walk 5 minutes.
    Riding time: Approx. 36 minutes Fare: 660 yen (one-way, adult)
  5. From Matsuyama Interchange
    Drive approximately 20 minutes from Matsuyama Interchange.


Parking for participating runners will be available near the venue on the day of the event (free for up to 8 hours; spaces are limited).
Details will be provided on the Ehime Marathon website in late October. No additional parking will be available near the venue.
Please use public transportation.

Bicycle Parking

A temporary bicycle parking area will be set up within Shiroyama Park (Horinouchi, Matsuyama City), which will be the event’s main venue.

Race entry

For entry and payment please click the following link:



If you have any questions or inquiries regarding this race, please contact us at the following email address.


  • JAバンク愛媛
  • 愛媛銀行
  • 四国明治
  • 太陽石油(SOLATO)
  • 日本食研
  • 大王製紙(エリエール)
  • ヤマキ
  • フジ
  • 伊予銀行
  • 三浦工業
  • 大野
  • 渦潮

主 催

主 管

  • 愛媛マラソン実行委員会
  • 大会パンフレットダウンロード
  • 宿泊のご案内
  • 第57回愛媛マラソン大会ホームページ
  • AIMS
  • MCC
  • RUN_as_ONE
  • ランネット